It was a lie that brought her here, the lure of a sneak peak of a brand new piece of art. Being an art major herself, Claire could never say no to art. Now in the dark warehouse, she sat captivated by the single candle flame flickering between her and Timothy.
“What is it Tim?” Claire asked breaking the quiet.
“My humanity.” Tim responded, his head bowed solemnly. Claire’s eyes remained fixed on the flame before looking at him for more answers. He looked up, eyes watching her intently, looking beyond her eyes but deep inside her soul. “Can’t you see them Claire, in the dark, hiding in the shadows, Demons. My demons. They rage inside, fighting. See how the flame flickers, they want control, they want to be free in this world.”
“I don’t understand, Tim.” Her head tilted slightly to side. She watched him, his eyes held knew the answer, but his mouth was not giving it away. His smile broadened.
“You will Claire…” His voice trailed off. Claire felt the beat of her heart increasing as it began to race. She didn't know where the door was to run, darkness was consuming the room. Shaking in her own skin she watched as change washed over her friend, his eyes showed no soul only the casting reflection of the flame. Shadows danced across his face, multiplying as the flame drew dim
“You will” he whispered as the last of the candle light faded into the darkness.
The smell of extinguished flame was all that now remained.